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Silent Meditation Blessings in The Hague 3 juni

Come in silence enjoying the divine energy.

Time: 20.00h (door open 19.30) 

Location: Namaste Café, Prins Hendrikplein 18, The Hague

Registration: via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entrance: free 

 Wesak Channeling 21 mei live now on Youtube LINK



Welcome! I love to take you along in my experience about understanding Life and the Creation. I think most people realize that the world as it appears now is not the ideal world as it could be, a world in which we live together in peace and harmony. Everyone has a kind of longing to come home. But what does coming home mean exactly? The way I see it, coming home means to experience a deep peace and love no matter what situation we are in: Enlightenment. To return home we need to return to the essence we exist of. This essence is a higher consciousness and needs to be recognized and acknowledged in oneself. This essence is the truth of Existence.  I see God as The Essence of all life. With this I mean God without religion or anything like that. Because it is not about following God or the prophets, but to (re)discover Him in yourself and in everyone else. As a small child already I discovered God in myself, but I never thought that He would be the essence of life. He gave me the gift to experience His Divinity and share it with everyone who is open to it. I share this in Blessings and Guidance.

I know each person is capable of growing to a higher enlightened consciousness. It is not an easy journey, but accessible to everyone.

Besides the Blessings I created World Enlightenment in which I introduce Pillars of Light that help people grow from their expertise. Read more...

I hope to see you at SatSath or somewhere else

Namaste (I salute God in You!)


Sathanama's message about God in you. (youtube)
short version - extended version
Sathanama speaks about Isaia (youtube)