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Silent Meditation Blessings in The Hague 3 juni

Come in silence enjoying the divine energy.

Time: 20.00h (door open 19.30) 

Location: Namaste Café, Prins Hendrikplein 18, The Hague

Registration: via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entrance: free 

 Wesak Channeling 21 mei live now on Youtube LINK


About Sathanama

Since I was little life has fascinated me. I think I drove people crazy with the conversations I had with them. My little niece used to tell her mom, 'every time she visits you have serious conversations.' I wanted nothing more than to understand life. I studied all kinds of things, spirituality, new age, consciousness, religions, life here and in other countries and God.

I also let myself get carried away with society. After studying econometrics, I worked as a researcher and analyst. But soon I noticed that my heart beat faster every time I helped people. When I asked God 'please let me do on Earth what I came here for. I am of service to You', my life changed completely. My heart expanded and life started to flow through me. Since I was a child I had known that God exists, because I experienced Him in me as a love that is unconditional.

After years of studying humanity as souls on Earth and the fights people have with themselves and with others, I discovered that God really exists and that He is the power of our life. I also learned that we must rise above the differences on Earth in order to access His power.

God gave me the gift to allows me to let people experience His enormous love so that they can restore their trust in Him, giving them trust in life and experience peace as well. His power is immense, but one must have this singular desire: to understand life and thereby make His characteristics one's own. Because God exists in you and does not make distinctions in any way! From my own experience I can say: 'It is worth discovering.'

I find it quite funny that many people do not expect that I live a normal life. Besides all of this I am also mother of two beautiful daughters: Lea and Sara. And we enjoy our housemates: beagle Stewie, cat Treasure and her three kittens (Precious, Louisa and Ninja). My daughters lead a regular life, they go to school, have trouble with their friends, and so on. Because it is not about being a woolly creature on Earth, but about how you deal with everything you experience. I have experienced and seen many things as well. I have noticed I had a bit more guardian angels on my shoulders, but I believe I discovered the power of God's love and the trust in Him as essence of life partly through experiencing earthly troubles.