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Silent Meditation Blessings in The Hague 3 juni

Come in silence enjoying the divine energy.

Time: 20.00h (door open 19.30) 

Location: Namaste Café, Prins Hendrikplein 18, The Hague

Registration: via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entrance: free 

 Wesak Channeling 21 mei live now on Youtube LINK



Guidance for Sathanama very diverse and not to bring under one umbrella, but when there is a need for growth in awareness, help, healing and more she can assist both individually and in groups. In addition to this guidance she organizes regulary special events such as meditations.

Personal Guidance is done in person or by telephone.

Sathanama about the guidance she offers:

I could list many things I apply in a session, but that is not what it is about. Through the years I have had the privilege of guiding many people in different ways. These years of experience taught me a lot about human being as an individual on Earth. I found out that there is only one goal, which is to bring the person to their true real self. To come to the true real self one needs to be willing to transform their life and be open to the new. Naturally I work to transform the barriers that are in the way.  The real true self means becoming who you truly are, a creature in God's light. I had the privilige of assisting many people on their way. It doesn't matter who or what you are and where you are in your life. As long as you are not at your true real self, you are able to grow. I worked with people who suffered from psychological disorders, but also with people who were spiritually very advanced. To me it is a blessing that I can offer a helping hand. During a session I therefore tune in to the soul and the path that soul has chosen to walk. Once you manage to accept your path, you can transform to a life in peace, light and love. Of course everyone is different, and a process will pass quicker for one person than for another. But that does not matter for the soul, because the soul lives forever. And accepting that fact and standing on your own ground (because the grass is not greener on the other side) gives you power and faith.

 During a session I am being guided to treat the person in the way that is good for that person and I try to address as many issues of the person as possible. I take the person into a soul-attunement, in which certain issues can be transformed. Moreover, as a spiritual teacher I guide people to self-mastery, in which the person learns to use tools to treat themselves.Read what others wrote in testimonials.

Do you have any questions, feel free to contact by mail or make an appointment for a (telephone) consultation tel: +31,628,780 791. Cost € 70 per hour